How to conserve energy – questions and answers

October 16, 2019

On October 16, 2019, at Poltava National Technical Yurii Kondratyuk University was held a round table for students and young scientists with Honorary Professor of PoltNTU, Board Member of the National Bank (Germany) Gunter Shtol, Head of Back Office and Quality Assurance Department of the National Bank (Germany) Uwe Schrag: "How to conserve energy – questions and answers" Head specialists from Germany delivered the lecture on financing energy-efficient construction and the formation of effective startups.

Within the framework of the EU Erasmus + program, the team of PoltNTU’s teachers presented the project on the topic “Challenges of energy efficiency: cooperation of Ukraine with the EU” and presented the main thematic areas, such as the European practice of formation of energy efficient consciousness, financing of energy efficient projects in the EU and other topics of Jean Monnet training module.