August 28, 2020

We have great news! A collective monograph has been published within the framework of the project EU Erasmus +: "The challenges of energy efficiency: cooperation of Ukraine with the EU", № 599740-EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE

Chichulina, K., Byba, V., Miniailenko, I., Skryl, V., Vasiuta, V., Ivanytska, S., Аgeicheva, A., Halaida, T. Economics energy efficiency: problems of nowadays and of the future / Edited by Kseniia Chichulina (Within the framework of a project EU Erasmus +: "The challenges of energy efficiency: cooperation of Ukraine with the EU", № 599740-EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE). – 110 p.

  1. Assigned DOI – https://doi.org/10.31435/rsglobal/018
  2. Submitted the monograph on the website of the publishing house RS Global – https://monographs.rsglobal.pl/index.php/rsgl/catalog/book/18
  3. Added to the Academia database – https://www.academia.edu/43970965/ECONOMICS_ENERGY_EFFICIENCY_PROBLEMS_OF_NOWADAYS_AND_OF_THE_FUTURE
  4. Registered the publication in the State Library of Poland – https://e-isbn.pl/IsbnWeb/onix/summary.html?show_only_onix=1&record_id=9937908
  5. The monograph is indexed in CrossRef – https://search.crossref.org/?q=10.31435%2Frsglobal%2F018
  6. The monograph is indexed in the scientometric database SciLit - https://www.scilit.net/article/a900c9a575e98ca364b4f46e9e9cafeb

The collective monograph "Economics energy efficiency: problems of nowadays and of the future" is devoted to the actual issues of economics energy efficiency in Ukraine and EU.

The goal of the monograph is the analysis of the National and European experience in energy conservation sphere; research of energy conservation conditions and energy efficiency in different branches of Ukrainian economy; observation of strategy direction to increase energy efficiency and realize energy conservation opportunities.

To achieve the aim and tasks the following research methods used in the monograph: system approach, historical approach as for historical aspects of energy conservation and energy efficiency in Ukrainian economy and in EU economy; analysis and synthesis method to summarize worlds scientific methods of economic efficiency; statistical method and modelling method to develop schemes, diagrams and additions; generalization method to develop basics and to observe the main directions in the research; scientific abstraction method of the economic-mathematical modeling and econometric analysis to define the main factors effecting Ukraine and EU energy conservation.

The authors of the monograph formed recommendations for Ukrainian energy conservation increase. Offered strategies can be used by local and regional public authorities while elaborating of territory development programs. Besides, the monograph materials can be used by teachers of higher educational establishments to prepare for lectures, special study courses and manuals in the sphere of energy conservation.